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Beyond Silence

Conferences, seminars, workshops, essays, personal testimonies, exploratory dialogues and epistolary exchanges come together in this book to illuminate, from many angles, the elusive “silence of the mind” (Unitary Perception), beyond which—we have been told since time immemorial—the dimension of the sacred exists.

ISBN: 978-607-9319-01-4

For millennia, the great sages and the men and women who were deemed as “saints” have pointed towards silence as an essential element of life. But, what silence were they speaking about? Surely it is not the silence between two words, or the minute of silence we hold to honor the dead. It is about the silent mind, but not a mind forced into silence by repetition of mantras and by the meditation techniques thought has invented; it is a much more subtle fact, which, despite being alien to words, can be described in a scientific, modern way.


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